My Story

Hey there! My name Rebecca T. Clark, known as Bek.  I am a children's book author, speaker, creative influencer, confidence connector and CEO of BEK Lifestyle, LLC, a brand that represents self growth! As a mother and now wellness advocate, I created BEK as an outlet to express my healing journey and adversities. Now I am in a space to encourage and provide resources to women who seek self-discovery, develop ways to self-heal and understanding the power of your story. 
A few years ago, I experienced a point in my life where I didn't think I was going to make it... it was a space where everything I thought I knew, I didn't. My back was against the wall, with no light. I literally, could not see past defeat. But guess what?! Im still here and I believe with healing affirmations and creating a space for personal growth, that is what helped me make it out one of the worst phases of my life.
I am finally in a space where healing has played a really big part of my ability to share positivity and express the importance of becoming and not living in expectations from others. So I am so glad that you are here and that we connected, and if nobody has told you, let me be the first to say that YOU ARE LIVING GIFTS!
Be. Everything. Knowingly. past the insecurities and unknown! This is a journey.
Looking forward to connecting! #BEK