Be Everything Knowingly

To be "everything" sounds like a heavy expectation, right?! This type of “everything” is not about wearing a cape for everyone else. This type of “everything” is not to say that you should not serve others. This "everything" is for you. The movement of BEK – Be Everything Knowingly, is to carve out some space for you! To Be Everything Knowingly, for you.

Do you know what it feels like to put everyone else before you? And, after doing so, how long did it take you to realize, you have an empty cup? If you answered "yes" to this question, then my next question is the reason for this post. Have you tried to be "everything" to yourself? Have you taken measures to pour into your personal development and internal space?  Have you watered your own personal reflections to build your mindset of strength? Have you made attempts to invest into you? Are you investing into self? This is not a selfish statement. 

Be Everything Knowingly is a movement that represents the self-growth journey. As life takes us through journeys and shifts, the one common thing we do is forget to include ourselves. Life, family, children, work, career, school, identify struggles, confidence, etc. All these things cause us to lose sight of our confidence and dedication it takes to keep our spirits high. 

 Loving yourself wholeheartedly is a journey for self, even on those days full of doubt and shrinking yourself to fit into spaces to live for expectations of others.  

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