Rebecca Clark



Ms. Clark graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with a BS in Business Technology and a MA in communications from Lindenwood University. After college, she went into the corporate sector and quickly began climbing the corporate ladder. She put in more than ten years. It was during the latter part of her corporate career that she decided to make a life-altering decision to step out on faith and invest in her dreams of becoming an author and entrepreneur. 

In 2017, Rebecca’s life felt upended due to a personal situation that hit close to heart. Dealing with the weight of it, Rebecca found an undeniable pull to create something uniquely her and that spoke of her fruitful journey of self-discovery. During this transitional point in her life, Witty Kids and Be Heard Publishing were born. The word, WITTY, stands for When Imagination Talks To You. With this, Rebecca created magic. With her positive and forward-thinking ideas, Rebecca wrote a book titled, Witty Kids: I Dream to Be. She created, with this publication, a space for children to feel safe and secure while exploring all the possibilities of their imagination. The creation of her debut book was the ultimate culmination of her wanting to show children and parents how to foster imaginative ideas and to reconcile her struggle with reading as a young child. 

The companion book, Witty Kids: Austin’s Reading Adventure, showcases just how strong Rebecca’s writing skills are as well as her dedication to literacy for all children. Both Witty Kids books were self-published by Rebecca’s own publishing company, Be Heard Publishing. 

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Rebecca is a mother, entrepreneur and author whose personal journey has led her on a pathway of discovery and personal growth. On this stage, she stands out as a motivational speaker, author, activist, business owner, community leader and proud mother of two.

Literacy is dear to Rebecca’s life mission. She feels strongly about her advocacy work in making sure all children can read and have something to read that is both representative while also being fun and interactive. She holds a yearly book festival that continues to grow each year, and she reads to schools as part of her Reading Program, WITTY Kids Reading Camp.

With Rebecca’s third brand, SHESBEK, she is gearing up to sell inspirational products that speak to personal growth and how to harness the power of self. This brand will, also, produce and design books as well as push to create a safe space for women to find motivation and inspiration while having their voices heard. Additionally, she is working on several book projects which are forthcoming!